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July 30, 2013

CT Scans for High Risk Lung Cancer Persons: Early Detection Saves Lives!

lung window, CT scanAs diagnostic radiologists, we have the unique capacity to help ensure best possible health for our patients, not via administering strong medicine to the sick, but with early detection of a disease, before one has symptoms. We say this all the time, because we experience this in our own practice all the time:  early detection saves lives.
We are excited to note that as of yesterday, the US Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF) has made a draft recommendation for screening for lung cancer in high-risk patients. CT scans for this group of people can be  life-saving tool.
There have been decades of research dedicated to determining the best way to detect lung cancer and detection at a stage that is most treatable. Lung cancer is the #1 cause of cancer death in the US and causes more deaths than breast, prostate and colon cancer combined. Lung cancer is often caught late; with only a one-in-ten chance of survival. Patients detected early, before symptoms arise, may have a greater chance of a cure.
The USPSTF has researched methods of early detection and concluded that low-dose CT scans for certain portions of the population can be beneficial in terms of lung cancer. So, smokers and former smokers alike, listen to this please:
Together, we can help save lives. Please share this valuable information with those you care about. (And please care about yourself enough to stop smoking; there are resources available for that as well.) Please talk to your medical care provider to see if you are a candidate for CT lung screening. We’ll be cheering you on for your best possible health the whole way!
July 25, 2013

What are some common sinus-related issues? – Dr. Greg Reuter

July 25, 2013

What different types of sinuses are there? – Dr. Greg Reuter

July 18, 2013

What are the parts of the sinuses? – Dr. Greg Reuter

July 16, 2013

Outpatient neuroradiology – Dr. Greg Reuter

July 11, 2013

What is neuroradiology? – Dr. Greg Reuter

July 9, 2013

Introducing Dr. Greg Reuter…

Dr. Greg Reuter with CFCA-sponsored child, Irma [Photo credit: Maureen Reuter]

Dr. Greg Reuter with CFCA-sponsored child, Irma [Photo credit: Maureen Reuter]

Before we bring you the video series on neuroradiology and sinuses, we’d like to introduce our very own neuroradiologist, Dr. Greg Reuter. We are thrilled to have Dr. Reuter on our team because of his amazing skill set, his personable demeanor and his general greatness.

A lover of problem-solving, his path in radiology led him to study in detail the brain and central nervous system. If there are intricate details involved, his curiosity is piqued. He’s living his dream job – and he even has a fancy resume to show for it, but we won’t brag about all of that here. (That’s what this page is for.) He is a board certified radiologist who also has achieved a CAQ (Certificate of Added Qualification) in Neuroradiology.

Naturally oriented toward happiness, Dr. Reuter is as glad to be in the sunshine of the Midwestern flatlands where he lives as he is to be hiking in the mountains of Colorado where he grew up. He’s also the proud father of four boys and a dog (also a boy); his wife kindly lives with an overwhelming amount of male energy in the house.

You will find Dr. Reuter to be as interesting as he is kind. He re-oriented his career early on from an engineering track to medicine on the advice of his dentist (yes, you read that correctly). His idea of “taking a vacation” can include volunteering in another country with some very good people. Though he is someone who loves complexity, it is easy to simply just like him.

In the coming installment of videos on the sinuses, Dr. Reuter will take on some big words with some straightforward language. We hope you find it as educational and interesting as we do.

July 3, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

independence day