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November 26, 2013

Introducing Dr. Sid Crawley

Before we launch into Dr. Sid Crawley’s video series, we’d like to take a moment to tell you why you’ll enjoy learning from him… because we do too.

As a board-certified radiologist (not all radiologists are board-certified, but  everyone on our team likes going that extra mile), Dr. Crawley has proven his outstanding statue in his chosen field. But we’ve already written about that here.

With southern roots, he’s held onto the traditions of his past: manners are everything, thank you ma’am. This means that bedside manner is everything to him as well. He has the special skill of addressing sensitive and serious medical topics with a contagious calmness.

He also embraces his setting: patient care has been in his life since he was old enough to push the chart cart behind his father making rounds in the hospital. Whether sitting with other doctors reviewing images or sitting with a patient explaining a procedure, professionalism and comfort go hand in hand.

The proud father of 3 young women, he has dedicated his life not just to medicine but to family as well. Occasionally, his worlds collide: when he bumps into the President of Diagnostic Imaging Centers in the hallway, he’s also saying hi to his wife, Dr. Jennifer Crawley.

We’re so glad to have Dr. Sid Crawley’s expertise and personability on our team! We find him very likable.

November 21, 2013

Why would a doctor order a prostate MRI for a known cancer? with Dr. Scott Sher

November 19, 2013

Can a prostate MRI show information about cancer? with Dr. Scott Sher

November 14, 2013

Talk to me about prostate MRI… with Dr. Scott Sher

November 12, 2013

Men’s Health and Both Blogs!

This month, you will find bridges between our blogs,, where our focus is radiology and general good health, and, where we focus on breast health.

Please know that our blogs are an opportunity to inform and teach health issues because as radiologists that image your entire body often in parts, we are interested in WHOLE body health – for men and women. As doctors, as people of science, as human beings, we recognize there’s a bigger picture, bigger than on our viewing monitors.

Over on, we’re covering some men’s health issues (such as male breast cancer today) during Movember. Here we’d like to take on some other important issues, such as prostate MRI. Over the next few posts, you can learn more about this important study and other important male imaging procedures.

Thank you.  Please consider us your “personal radiologists” and a source and resource for your good health.

November 8, 2013

International Day of Radiology

Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen Copyright Public Domain

Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen Copyright Public Domain

Today, November 8th, is the International Day of Radiology — Let’s Celebrate Together!

You can show your support by changing your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profile picture for the occasion… or just print yourself a mask. (Some people are already getting silly with this – on the other side of the world even!)

So… yesterday was Madame Curie’s birthday, which we love to celebrate for so many reasons, as she was an amazing scientist and an amazing woman. Today is the anniversary of the discovery of x-rays by Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen.

X-ray technology has revolutionized medicine, from conventional x-rays to check for broken bones to other modalities, such as CT scans and mammograms, which also use x-rays to form the images. These imaging techniques based on the x-ray allow an amazing view of the internal structure of our bodies, from our heads to our toes and every part in between. In short, medicine would not be what it is today without Röntgen’s discovery.

In a move of serendipity (perhaps not an accident…), November is also Lung Cancer Awareness Month, and this year’s International Day of Radiology has a focus on lung health. We’re fans of our lungs (yours too)! On both of our blogs, we’ve written about scientific progress in imaging and early detection of lung cancer, as well as how to kick the smoking habit for the sake of good health, including breast health. Using CT techniques with low-dose, we now have a way of screening for and finding lung cancer – a method which will hopefully enable us to find smaller, more treatable lung tumors in those at high risk. Reducing risk is key – we should not lose sight of that in our celebration of lung health and imaging.

We love our jobs, based on the discoveries of amazing individuals, and through our blogs hope to educate people on how radiologists can help you on your path towards better health. We can’t imagine our world without the discovery of Röntgen – we applaud him and all the researchers in imaging since him who have had such a tremendous impact on medicine and health. Cheers, radiology!

November 7, 2013

What if my bone density exam shows osteopenia? – with Dr. Scott Sher

November 5, 2013

What if my bone density exam shows osteoporosis? – with Dr. Scott Sher