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August 29, 2014

Monday Is Labor Day – So Take the Day Off!

Snow_white_1937_trailer_screenshot_(2)This coming Monday is Labor Day – a day celebrating all who work and all the benefits we reap from all that hard work – and so we honor it by taking a day of rest. Enjoy it!


And while you’re enjoying your day off, please remember that good health never takes the day off! Enjoy some BBQ but have some salad too :). If you’re looking for good food options, check out our Pinterest healthy foods board for ideas! Get out and enjoy the day with friends and family – celebrate the unofficial start of fall with a game of touch football or a walk in the park.


Celebrate friends, family and hard work on Monday. We’ll be taking the day off from blogging as well. However, our clinics will be open this Saturday should you need anything over the weekend.


Here’s to hard work, taking a day off from hard work (!) and as always, your best possible health!



(Image credit: “Snow white 1937 trailer screenshot (2)”. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons)



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